D365 F&O TV & Media
Infostork developed and delivered following features:
  1. Production Budgets & Schedule Templates
  2. Production Card/List
  3. Cashflow
  4. Cost Manager
  5. Budget Reports
Creative 1

Client Writes:

“Infostork is an excellent organisation who deliver projects for us in Business Central and F&O. Their development skills and processes are strong, and their deliverables are on point. They represent good value for money at a time when development resources are hard to find in the U.K. We will continue to use Infostork for the foreseeable future

For this particular F&O ISV project, they've broken the outcomes down into deliverable phases. They are committed to the projects and go above and beyond when required ”

Project Info

  • Category: D365 F&O
  • Client: Creative Computing Ltd.
  • Location: UK
  • Client Business: Client has own IP / Solution App named “JUST TV” which is a comprehensive business management solution designed specifically for TV & film companies which runs entire finance & production accounting from one convenient location. Creative has already got JUST TV in BC which they want to replicate in F&O and they hired Infostork to do this project work.