Maintenance & Support

A Go-Live Support model for Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM system is a specialized approach to facilitate the successful deployment of BC/F&O or CRM system. D365 ERP system is a complex software application that integrates various business processes such as finance, inventory, jobs, supply chain management, services etc. Deploying D365 is a critical initiative for any organization, and it requires careful planning and execution to ensure that it is successful.

We, at Infostork, are following the key steps in a Go-Live Support model for D365:


Planning and Preparation

We identify the key stakeholders, create a detailed project plan, define roles and responsibilities, and identify the technical or functional resources required for a successful deployment support.


Testing and Quality Assurance

This involves testing the D365 system in a controlled environment to identify and address any issues before it is deployed in a live environment. We perform various types of testing, such as unit testing, integration testing, and system testing etc.


Deployment and Transition

Our experts deploy the D365 system to the live environment, provide training and support to end-users. We also follow a structured approach for data migration to ensure that all data is migrated accurately with opening balances and that there are no data inconsistencies.


Post-go-live Support

This involves providing ongoing support to end-users to ensure that they can continue to use D365 system effectively, and addressing any issues/bugs that arise after the initial deployment.

Our support team consists of experts in project management, change management, training, technical support, and quality assurance etc. We also prepare change management plan in this phase to support the end-users while ensuring that project achieves its intended results.

Our Business Models

Pre-Paid Hours

  • An arrangement in which customer pays upfront for a certain number of support hours blocks, decided mutually
  • Hours can be used for a variety of support services, including software upgrades, bug fixes, and customization
  • No cap on usage time limit

Retainer Model

  • An agreement between Infostork and a customer, in which the customer pays monthly recurring fees for fixed hours to retain access to support services
  • Beneficial for clients to budget for ongoing support costs and receives ongoing support and maintenance services for their software
  • Hours can be used for a variety of support services, including software upgrades, bug fixes, and customization

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