D365 BC integration with CRM for manufacturing company in UK

Infostork did this project by focusing on the integration with the following tables:

  • Sales order integration: Extending the sales order header and line integration codeunit to integrate dimensions and any other custom fields that are required by WG-PLC.
  • Item: Extend of the item integration to pull connect posting groups, deferral rules and other custom fields from CRM to Business Central
  • Dimension: Creation of a dimension integration to automate the creation of enquiry/job numbers in BC, establishment of a dimension table in CRM which can be used to select the correct dimensions on transactions
  • Notification of integration failure: notification of new transaction in the integration tables for processing, integration failure notification.
  • Currency Integration: Integration of the transaction currency into CRM from BC
  • Country/Region: extend the country region table to work with WG-PLC functionality.
  • Integration of one other company, considerations and implications of multi-company integration.

Integration Methodology followed by Infostork:


Tenant Architecture:

Client Writes:

“Working with Infostork to deliver Business Central development has been a great experience. From initial discussion to successful delivery Infostork have been clear, well organised, and capable in delivering BC development for a client project. Excellent understanding of scope, delivery requirements and clarity throughout the project. High quality development code which made UAT a breeze. Would recommend Infostork to partners who need additional resource to deliver client projects.”

  • client: FVR Dynamics Ltd.
  • Location: UK
  • Surface Area: Client is passionate about helping organisations embrace the new opportunities that Microsoft Dynamics Business Central has given to the SME ERP market. Infostork Technolabs has developed integrations for D365 Business Central to D365 CRM Sales. The first phase of the project was to build the integration and use the standard integration methodology with minimal customisation focused on the Dataverse integration tables. Infostork developed Phase two by extending the development to the key tables excluded in phase one.

D365 F&O ISV development for TV & Media industry

Infostork developed and delivered following features:

  1. Production Budgets & Schedule Templates
  2. Production Card/List
  3. Cashflow
  4. Cost Manager
  5. Budget Reports

Creative 1

Client Writes:

“Infostork is an excellent organisation who deliver projects for us in Business Central and F&O. Their development skills and processes are strong, and their deliverables are on point. They represent good value for money at a time when development resources are hard to find in the U.K. We will continue to use Infostork for the foreseeable future

For this particular F&O ISV project, they’ve broken the outcomes down into deliverable phases. They are committed to the projects and go above and beyond when required ”

  • client: Creative Computing Ltd.
  • Location: UK
  • Surface Area: Client has own IP / Solution App named “JUST TV” which is a comprehensive business management solution designed specifically for TV & film companies which runs entire finance & production accounting from one convenient location. Creative has already got JUST TV in BC which they want to replicate in F&O and they hired Infostork to do this project work.

Power Pages (PowerApps Portal) for IT company in UK

Seer 365

  • Challenge: Client has developed a complex software solution, which combines a number of advanced, innovative technologies together seamlessly, and like most modern SaaS offerings, it is continually evolving in an agile way. With a need to accelerate client’s product development roadmap and a finite amount of internal resource, client engaged the services
  • Outcome: Infostork is continuously delivering the work pieces in Power Pages (Portal) agile way through weekly stand-ups to review and get inputs from client. As a result, portal is getting matured with more and more additional work

Client Writes:

“It’s rare to find developers who can understand and bring technologies together. The team is highly proficient and collaborative, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with the Infostork’s breadth of technical knowledge and experience”

  • client: Seer 365
  • Location: UK
  • Surface Area: Seer 365 have created GYDE365, an application platform in use across the world that optimises the evaluation, solution design, and deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications. Infostork Technolabs is developing a business optimization platform for a business software solutions firm. We’ve primarily utilize Microsoft Power Pages, Liquid, JavaScript, and FetchXML

Power BI dashboard for Entertainment company in USA


  • Pain Area: Client wanted to have Power BI reports in replacement of Excel due to complexity of calculations and limitatios of excel to generate real time lengthy and complex algorithm reports
  • Requirement: Power BI Reporting daily advertising cost per sale & return on ad spend revenue per ad spend
  • Ad platforms used: Amazon, Google, Facebook, Tiktok, Pinterest
  • Marketplaces used: Amazon, Shopify, Walmar, OnBuy etc.

We calculated ACOS and ROAS based on given formulas:

  • ACOS – (advertising cost per sale) shows the average percentage of the unit price (ex VAT) spend on ads.
  • ROAS – (return on ad spend) Revenue (ex VAT) / ad spend

Client Writes:

“It was a pleasure working with the team at Infostork. They have managed to build a bespoke Powerbi setup that serves us incredibly and is very reliable. We are looking forward to continuing to work together”

  • client: McMiller Entertainment Inc.
  • Location: LA, USA
  • Surface Area: A company that produces epic party games and toys. Client sells games through various marketplaces eCommerce like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, OnBuy, Wallmart etc.

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