Infostork Technolabs Drives the Best Value for Your Business From MS Dynamic Apps

Dynamics 365 by Microsoft addresses CRM and ERP-related needs of businesses, where more than a dozen apps and add-ons help them increase sales and improve customer service processes and employee productivity. As a cloud-based enterprise resource planning and customer resource management system, Dynamics 365 has benefitted larger organizations. It incorporates standalone applications such as Dynamics 365 for Talent and Dynamics 365 for Retail to improve their performances.

Infostork Technolabs is a Microsoft Certified Partner and one of those trusted destinations that help businesses acquire exceptional web services and products. It is a Microsoft Certified Partner with years of experience providing unique business solutions to its global clients, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Power Platforms, Mobile App, Custom Website Design, Development, Testing, and Customer Support. 


Infostork Technolabs was established in 2021 and is based in India, US, and Canada. Its tailor-made software development processes and an urge to keep up with the latest trends and technologies help meet the needs of particular businesses and take utmost care of their goals and objectives.

The company follows an agile development methodology, including trustworthiness, loyalty, commitment, aggressiveness, compassion, and honesty as its core values. It regards itself as an award-winning software lab that is globally acclaimed and a reliable partner to its customers. It is the top IT services provider in Ahmedabad in the GoodFirms ranking list and aims to reach among the top companies supplying world-class MS Dynamics software and solutions globally.

Microsoft D365 Services at Infostork Technolabs

MS D365 Services

MS Dynamics 365 Business Central 

A cloud-based business management solution that helps small to medium-level organizations streamline their operations, sales, financial, and customer service processes. It offers robust features and can integrate with other Microsoft products seamlessly.

MS Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

A cloud-based enterprise resource planning solution that assists businesses in managing their financial and operational processes comprising a suite of tools and features to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

MS Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

A cloud-based customer relationship management solution that takes care of the organization’s customer relations and data management-related needs, including sales, marketing, and customer service.

Standard Implementation of D365 in the Company

D365 Implementation

Infostork Technolabs asks its customers and other businesses to go digital and accelerate their operations using Microsoft Dynamics 365. The in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience of the expert consultants in the company covers a set of the process, including,

  • System Audit
  • Implementation
  • Custom Developments
  • System Migration
  • Integration
  • Maintenance & Support

The company works explicitly on three business models based on a fixed cost, time & material cost, and dedicated offshore engagement benefitting the customers with end-to-end project implementation, timely delivery based on goals achieved, sometimes no time-commitments, flexible resource scaling, and desired level of engagement.

A client review below depicts why customers value Infostork Technolabs and their services.


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Infostork Technolabs has gained enormous recognition in IT consultation, mobile and web development design, and Microsoft Dynamics Consultation. As a low-code no-code platform, its Power Platform Consultation allows users to develop custom applications and automate workflows without extensive coding knowledge. The company excels in transforming business ideas into stable, secure, and cost-effective software solutions.

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